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We are a proud certified BCAT® Cognitive Enhancement Program Provider.

About The Cognitive Enhancement Program (CEP) Powered by the BCAT®

Our CEP program is the best in the business.  Based on the science of the BCAT® Cognitive Approach, our case openers are trained in the administration of the BCAT®-Short Form to objectively identify clients with cognitive decline that will benefit from our program. We offer our in-home caregivers training in the CEP to bring the most effective meaningful engagement activities and cognitive enhancement to our clients, in the comfort of their homes.  When a client chooses the CEP, we custom-fit a plan to meet the individual needs of the client, focusing on engagement and cognition. Scientific studies show that clients who are enrolled in the CEP report higher satisfaction, better mood, and enhanced memory. For more information about our CEP please fill out the form on this page or contact us.

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