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We are a proud BCAT® certified Cognitive Enhancement Program (CEP) provider

We perform a brief assessment of each client and create a custom program to meet their cognitive needs. This assessment is performed using the industry standard Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool (BCAT®), a multi-factor test that can typically be administered in 15-30 minutes and helps us to determine the level of care needed by our patients. The 6 point, 21 item BCAT® Short Form enables us to match caregivers based on cognitive function, memory and functional scores, daily living needs and more.

In addition, our case openers can create a Cognitive Enhancement Program (CEP) where we custom-fit a plan to meet each clients individual needs, focusing on engagement and cognition activities that will have the most impact. Scientific studies show that clients who are enrolled in the CEP report higher satisfaction, better mood, and enhanced memory.


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