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Our Services

24 Hour Live-In Care

The 24-hour live-in care service offers continuous support and assistance for individuals in the comfort of their own homes. The caregivers are dedicated professionals, who provide personalized care and supervision, always ensuring safety and comfort. From aiding with daily activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, grooming, and medication management to offering companionship. They also assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping, and transportation to medical appointments or social engagements. All caregivers are available to provide uninterrupted care, allowing individuals to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Recovery Care

Recovery care services in Broward County are designed to support individuals transitioning from a hospital stay, surgery, or illness back to their home environment. Skilled caregivers collaborate closely with medical professionals to create personalized care plans that are tailored to the individual's recovery needs. They offer assistance with prescribed exercises, progress monitoring, and continuous encouragement throughout the recovery journey. Additionally, the caregivers help individuals adhere to dietary restrictions and medication regimens as advised by their healthcare provider. The goal of recovery care services is to facilitate a smooth and successful recovery process, providing assistance with medication management, wound care, physical therapy exercises, and emotional support.

Alzheimer Dementia Care

Alzheimer's and dementia care services offer compassionate and specialized care for individuals living with memory-related conditions. The caregivers comprehend the unique specialized needs and challenges associated with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Which is why they implement a structured schedule for daily activities, including meals, medication reminders, personal care, and engaging cognitive exercises. Routines like this foster a sense of security, reduce confusion, and minimizes anxiety. The primary objective is to establish a safe and nurturing environment that enhances independence, dignity, and quality of life for those affected by these conditions.

Transitional Care

Transitional care services in Broward County focus on assisting individuals who are moving between different healthcare settings, such as from a hospital to home or from a rehabilitation facility to their residence. Caregivers collaborate closely with medical professionals to ensure a smooth transition, offering support with medication management, follow-up appointments, transportation, and continuity of care. The primary aim of transitional care is to facilitate the transition process, promote recovery, and minimize the risk of rehospitalization.

Fall Prevention

Our fall prevention services are designed to reduce the risk of falls and ensure the safety of individuals within their homes. Caregivers conduct thorough assessments to identify potential fall hazards and implement preventive measures, such as removing clutter, improving lighting, securing rugs, and installing railings. They also assist with mobility, provide supervision during activities, and educate individuals on proper techniques to reduce the risk of falls. Creating a secure environment that promotes independence and reduces the likelihood of fall-related injuries is our top priority.

Respite Care

Respite care services offer temporary relief to family caregivers who need a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Being the sole care provider for a loved one can be taxing, which is why respite care is an ideal way to recharge and attend to their own needs while ensuring that their loved ones receive professional care in a nurturing environment. Respite care services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual, providing assistance with daily activities, medication management, and companionship. Whether it's for a few hours or several days, respite care allows caregivers to take the time they need, knowing their loved ones are in capable hands.

Concierge Services

Concierge services offer personalized assistance and support for individuals who require additional help with non-medical tasks and everyday activities. From arranging transportation and scheduling appointments to meal planning and running errands, caregivers act as personal assistants, ensuring that all needs are met efficiently and with utmost care. With concierge services, individuals can focus on enjoying their daily lives while leaving the logistics and coordination to dedicated caregivers.

A Few of Our Services

  • Schedule and transportation to doctor’s appointments.
  • Set up care with Medicare agencies upon hospital discharge.
  • Assisting long distant families with immediate emergency needs.
  • Picking up needed items for an unexpected hospital or rehab stay.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric care services are designed to provide comprehensive care and support for children with medical conditions or special needs at home. The caregivers work closely with medical professionals and families to create personalized care plans. They offer assistance with daily activities, medication administration, therapy exercises, and emotional support. The primary goal is to promote the well-being and development of children, allowing them to thrive in a familiar and nurturing environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of home care services do you provide?
We offer a wide range of home care services including 24-hour live In care, recovery care, alzheimer’s dementia care, transitional care, fall prevention, respite care, concierge services, and pediatric care.

Scheduling our home care services is easy. Simply give us a call or schedule a free consultation on our booking system, and our team will guide you through the process and help create a personalized care plan that meets your needs.

We understand the importance of compatibility and continuity in care. While we strive to accommodate requests for specific caregivers, it depends on availability. However, we ensure that all caregivers can provide exceptional care.
Home care services may be covered by certain long-term care insurance policies. Additionally, Medicare may cover home health services if certain criteria are met. We recommend checking with your insurance provider or Medicare to determine your coverage options.
Can you accommodate special care needs, such as dementia or alzheimer's care?
Yes, we can help you find a caregiver who specializes in caring for individuals with dementia or alzheimer's disease. We understand the unique challenges associated with these conditions and can create a care plan tailored to the specific needs of each client.
We provide home care services in Broward County. Please reach out to us with your location to confirm if we serve your area.
The cost of our home care services varies depending on factors such as the type and duration of care needed. We offer personalized care plans and can provide you with detailed pricing information during our initial consultation.

We have a dedicated support team available to address any changes in the care schedule. You can reach out to us at any time, and we will promptly assist you.